What happens when you type www.example.com – Intro to Web 101

We visit so many websites each day, there is a lot that happens under the hood just for us to reach the website and get a response.

So let’s say we get on to our browser and type ‘www.example.com’, this could be http://www.google.com, http://www.facebook.com or any of our favorite website. Computers as we know are identified through numbers of the form ‘’ (IPv4), which are called IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. So ‘www.example.com’ needs to be translated to an address of the form ‘’ i.e. the address of the web server hosting the website (or webpage). The Domain Name System (DNS), translates the address http://www.example.com to (Refer to my blog on DNS for more information about DNS)

Once the DNS translates the request and sends it back to the browser, the browser send a request to the server located at; The server sends the response back in HTML or some programming/ scripting/ markup language that can be interpreted on the screen as response which is then rendered to us as a result.

While, the whole process looks overwhelming, all of this happens in a time faster than a blink of an human eye 🙂





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